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Valravn is the god of illusion and keeper of the Mark of Valravn. A monstrous hybrid between man and raven, he is one of two boss enemies that must be fought in order to open Helheim's gate.


Valravn takes the appearance of a tall thin man, wrapped in ribbons of dark cloth around his body. His head is made up of the skull of a raven, black feathers tailing from it down over his shoulders like a hood. He uses a pair of sickles as his primary weapons.


Unlike his counterpart, Surtr, Valravn actually appears earlier on during the illusion puzzles leading up to his fight. He emits a dark, ominous chanting but will disappear whenever Senua gets close to him.

In combat, also unlike Surtr, Valravn's attacks emphasis speed rather than power and he uses them to devastating effect for players caught unaware. Use of Focus is highly recommended.

  • Wild Charge: Valravn will rear up and charge forward towards Senua at blistering speed. This move can be parried or blocked, but will knock Senua down to the ground. Dodging is recommended.
  • Sickle Combos: Valravn chains together multiple attacks with his sickles and quickly dashes away if he is countered.
  • Overhead Leap: Valravn will jump at Senua and bring both sickles down in a strong attack, momentarily sticking him to the ground.
  • Sickle Throw: Valravn can throw his sickles at Senua in a ranged attack, initially throwing only one, then two at once. They can be parried to reflect their path back to him.

Valravn will occasionally leave the battlefield and summon regular Northmen enemies before he returns to the fray. Near the end of the battle, he will regularly envelop himself in a shadowy form that renders him invulnerable unless Senua uses Focus.


Unlike Surtr, Valravn is not actually a figure in Norse lore; he instead comes from Danish lore about supernatural ravens. The ravens appear in traditional Danish folksongs, where they are described as originating from ravens who eat the bodies of the dead on the battlefield, as capable of turning into the form of a knight after eating the entire heart of a child, and, alternately, as half-wolf and half-raven creatures.




Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice - Valravn Boss Fight

The Valravn fight.