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Surt, is a fire giant from the Norse world of Muspell and keeper of the Mark of Surtr. A towering beast that wields a sword doused in flame, he is one of two boss enemies that Senua must battle to open the gate to Helheim.


Surtr's appearance is similar to the other illusion of the Northmen, though he is larger than standard enemies. He is a humanoid figure with a monstrous head--a burning pile of wicker that burrows into his skin and resembles a deer skull (much like the Warrior). The front of his bare torso is stained with blood dripping from his neck, and he wears a tunic around his waist. His weapon is a massive flaming sword, which he swings with one hand.


Surtr functions as a much tankier and resilient Warrior enemy, only utilising a handful of basic attacks at any given time:

  • Overhead Slam: Surt swings his large sword over his head towards Senua. Blocking this will knock her to the ground.
  • Three-Hit Combo: A set of three strikes that can be avoided, leaving Surt exposed.
  • Fire Stomp: Surt will stomp forward, making fire appear in a small circle around him. Although the fire is damaging, it cannot stop Senua's movement.
  • Grab: Surtr will reach out and try to grab Senua.
  • Power Focus: Occasionally, Surtr wil pause and stab his sword into the ground to build up power. Attacking repeatedly will break him out of it; Focus can aid in breaking through his stance.

As the fight goes on, Surt's body will begin to char and burn the more damage Senua does to him, eventually igniting. While lit, Senua's attacks will hurt her instead. The only way to injure him is to Focus and douse the fire away.


In Norse mythology, Surt is foretold as being a major figure during the events of Ragnarök; carrying his flaming sword, he will go to battle against the Æsir, he will do battle with the god Freyr, and afterward the flames that he brings forth will engulf the Earth.

In Hellblade, Surt's path of destruction is foreshadowed in the numerous burned out husks of small settlements Senua must travel through, filled with burning bodies and charred corpses of raid victims and sacrifices to the fiery giant. Druth attests to witnessing some of these sacrifices himself during his captivity, admitting he could find no meaning or purpose in agony of the victims.



  • Although the in game text refers to the giant's name as being Surt, the achievement for defeating him name him as Surtr. Surt is simple an alternative way of saying the name, according to the Old Norse language.