The Labyrinth Shard Trial is one of the Trials of Odin that Senua is tasked with surviving.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

Senua finds herself on an island some distance away from a tree; walking up a slope, she comes to a small house-like structure, which the Furies surmise is a burial mound. Senua enters the mound with a torch to light the way through the dark corridors. Upon entering, Senua hears a loud roar echo through the corridors, followed by the sound of someone shouting; Senua assumes that the person screaming is Dillion. After walking a short distance, Senua sees the glowing figure that she had followed to the tree on the shore, but they are separated by a gate. The figure fades away, and Senua promises to find him again.

Senua wanders the burial mound for a while, lighting braziers with her torch and trying to follow the sounds of the screams. At certain points, Dillion's voice will begin to sound more abnormal. Eventually, Senua will reach a rocky crevasse, suddenly realizing that the voice is not Dillion's. She continues on, and comes to a wooden gate, behind which is a forbidding red glow and the source of the abnormal groaning. Senua decides that Dillion wants her to face her fears, and opens the gate.

A flashback sequence occurs, when Senua announces to Zynbel that she is leaving to live with Dillion. At the end of the flashback, Senua is transported back to the shore.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In this trial, Senua must navigate a labyrinth of passageways.

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