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Senua looks up at the mountain which makes up Helheim.

Helheim, also referered to as Hel, is the Norse realm of the dead and one of the nine worlds referred to in the legends of the Northmen. In Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Senua attempts to journey to Helheim in an effort to save her lover Dillion's soul from the clutches of its ruler, Hela.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice[]

Helheim is depicted in the game as a gigantic mountain, stretching high up enough to block out the sun. Its entire top half is covered by a large wooden structure that overhangs the bridge that leads to it on one side.

On the inside, Helheim is a dark maze of rooms and chambers that houses the great beast Garmr as its guardian. At the very top of the mountain, Hela waits in her sanctum for Senua to challenge her for Dillion's soul.



In Norse mythology, Helheim is the realm is where all who die from disease, old age or other causes without having accomplished something worthy of honor go to in the afterlife. It is located mostly underground and the only way in is over the glittering, golden Gallarbridge which crosses the river Gall.


  • The structure on top of Helheim's mountain can be seen blocking out the sun almost like it has a pair of jaws. This is in reference to the Norse legends of Ragnarok, which signal that one of the early signs of the calamity is a great wolf swallowing the sun.