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Senua, using Focus to slow down her foes.

Focus is the name of Senua's ability to center her attention on certain things in her environment. Though she mainly uses Focus to examine particular things throughout her journey, such as Lorestones and runes, it's also essential for combat against the Northmen.


In normal exploration, Focus is used to zoom Senua's vision on a particular object or sight in the environment. These can be used to trigger Lorestones and learn more information about the lore of the Northmen or to find runes in order to open the gates and doors that bar her path. She can also use Focus to align mysterious floating shards to a particular area and change the enviornments, to repair a bridge or open an archway, for example.

When used during fighting, Focus is slowly accumulated over the battle with every successful strike and defensive measure that Senua takes. When she gains enough Focus, the mirror on her hip will flash and give her a single charge of Focus, up to a maximum of three. When Senua triggers her Focus, time slows down for her enemies while she continues to move at full speed, allowing her to deal serious damage against them.

Some enemies and bosses, such as Valravn, require the use of Focus to break them out of a shadow form which usually renders them invulnerable to damage.


  • The symbol that signifies how much Focus charge Senua has available is the same one used in the game's logo.