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Senua on the Bridge to Hel.

The Bridge to Helheim, also known as Gjallarbrú or Gjöll Bridge, is a bridge in Norse legend which spans the mythical river Gjöll. The bridge must be crossed in order to reach Helheim.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice[]

Senua first sees the bridge early on in the story; the narrator has forgotten the name of the bridge, but recalls that it is the path Senua must take to Helheim. Druth described the bridge as being "covered in gold," and while only the dead may cross it, there is a hidden path to reach it that Senua finds.

Only after defeating Valravn and Surtr is Senua able to reach the bridge. After fighting past several waves of Northmen, Senua comes close to the door to Hela's Sanctum, but Hela appears and throws Senua to the beach below, destroying the bridge.


In Norse mythology, the bridge is known as Gjallarbrú; it is described as a covered bridge "thatched with glittering gold," and the dead can only reach Hel by crossing the bridge.